In regional NSW, we’re upgrading roads, bridges and rail links to increase connections between towns and regional centres and between regional centres and cities to keep NSW driving and thriving. This is all about supporting regional centres by bringing jobs and services like shops, hospitals, schools and cultural activities closer to home for local communities and making journeys safer for drivers on our country roads. 

Check out the map and project snippets below or open the PDF to see it all connected up.

East to west

There’s still more to do and we’re turning our attention to creating better east-west links that will support regional industry and growing populations along the coast.

We’re continuing to improve the trip between the central west and greater Sydney, with much needed upgrades to the Great Western Highway. This will reduce congestion during holidays and major events such as the Bathurst 1000, improve access to Bathurst Airport, and provide safer roads and better connections for local communities.

And way out west we’re busy sealing the last 130km of the Cobb and Silver City Highways to get our freight from A to B quicker and more safely. Once these important freight connections are complete, 100% of our State’s major highways will be sealed.

Deb Stokes, who oversees safety on the Cobb Highway and Silver City highways project, said the new road will improve safety and reduce the number of accidents.

“The biggest thing is the long distances that both our teams and locals are covering. Our workers are towing caravans and equipment back and forth. We have a really strong safety record but it can be dangerous work, particularly after a long day.

“Then there’s the local traffic and pastoral farmers. Trucks are often coming in with stock and hay so I think they will notice a big drop in maintenance costs with less wear and tear on their vehicles. And we should also see a drop in the cost of maintaining the roads," Deb said.

“Many ‘grey nomads’ also tell us they won’t travel these roads at the moment with their caravans because it’s just too rough, so it will be a great boost to tourism for local areas once it’s complete.”

Once sealing of the Cobb and Silver City Highways is complete, 100% of the State’s major highways will be sealed

North to south

We’ve done a lot of work over recent years on north-south highway connections to ensure faster and safer journeys for both travellers and freight vehicles, and this is already delivering benefits to local communities and industries across the State.

Local motorists and holidaymakers travelling north are already saving up to two hours in travel time and the number of fatal crashes has more than halved since work to upgrade the Pacific Highway began. The project is now 81% complete and has boosted regional employment, local business opportunities and tourism by providing easier access for people and freight.

In the south, we’re making journeys easier and safer, particularly during holiday periods, as we continue upgrading the Princes Highway. Construction is underway to increase road capacity and improve traffic flow between Berry and Bomaderry. And we are delivering the last missing link of high standard road between Sydney and Bomaderry, with early works for the Albion Park Rail bypass now underway.

In the State’s western region, we’re improving travel times and freight efficiency by investing in NSW’s longest highway, the Newell, which stretches 1,060km between the Victorian and Queensland borders. And we’ve improved safety by adding 17 new overtaking lanes, with another 30 in planning or construction, as well as making the road straighter and smoothing out the bends.

Newell Highway upgrades will help keep NSW thriving by providing better connections for drivers and freight 

The Berry to Bomaderry  Princes Highway upgrade will make journeys easier and safer


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