Having the right software and tools at our fingertips helps us work smarter and better together. Upgrading our technology is one way we are ensuring we support you to do the best in your job.

Over the past year, many of us will have experienced benefits from our Transport wide focus on improving our IT setup. Better technology is supporting us to be more flexible and collaborative in the way we work. Check out some of the ways we’re transforming our IT environment.

  • We now have a single service desk and portal for ordering products and logging service requests within Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime, Sydney 
Trains and NSW TrainLink.
  • We’re rolling out Wifi in office locations across NSW.
  • Around 13,500 of our people are using the new IT system for managing apps on their mobiles and tablets, providing access to files, emails and the intranet on the go, anytime, anywhere.
  • By the end of the year, we’ll be instant messaging and well on our way to accessing emails from the cloud thanks to the introduction of Skype for Business and Online Mail.

All this is in addition to Transport Equip —
 a more modern and integrated way of undertaking common HR, procurement 
and finance processes across our agencies. 

It was years in the making, involved thousands of staff across the Transport cluster working together to make it a success, and the rollout finished this 
year. Transport Equip’s stats are pretty 
impressive. It has delivered a new way of working to 37,000 people including staff 
and vendors, $2.9 billion in payroll 
processed with over 500,000 payslips available to employees and 2.5 million invoices worth over $42.5 billion have 
been paid to over 305,000 vendors! 

Both Transport Equip and our IT environment are continually being 
improved every day, so keep an eye 
out for more transformations to come.

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