Our purpose is to make NSW a better place to live, work and visit. To do that we are passionate about delivering a connected roads and public transport network that makes things better for the people of NSW. We’ve worked hard to make that happen. We’ve put our focus on the customer, we’ve come together as one Transport cluster to deliver some incredible improvements, and we’ve created a plan for the future – Future Transport. Now, we’re taking things to the next level – adopting a new operating model and way of working together that will allow us to deliver even better outcomes for customers and communities.

Only 8 short years ago, in 2011, the Transport cluster was created. For the first time we really began making decisions together and we began changing our mindset from ‘let’s deliver a road or public transport service’ to ‘let’s put the customer at the centre of everything we do'. 

Because of that change we’ve been able to achieve a lot — record investment in infrastructure, hundreds of big projects completed or underway, new public transport services like light rail, metro and on-demand services, and incredible increases in customer satisfaction alongside the launch of Opal and popular transport apps.

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Why do we need to keep evolving? 

What we’ve been able to achieve by working together far exceeds what we could have done as agencies working alone, but that doesn’t mean the job is done.

We need to deliver on the promises we’ve made in our Future Transport vision – that is to create a truly connected and integrated roads and public transport network that makes trips faster, easier and safer in greater Sydney and right across regional NSW.

We also need to adapt and respond to the world around us which is changing rapidly.

Transport is being disrupted by new technologies and new types of transport services and our population is on the rise, bringing with it increased patronage and demand.

Customer expectations are also changing. Gone are the days when customers and communities were willing to think about transport as a collection of different modes and put the pieces together for themselves. These days they expect to be able to get where they need to go in one seamless, fast, easy and comfortable journey, regardless of how many transport modes are involved – cars, trucks, buses, trains or ferries. It’s our job to make that possible.

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To build on our success and take the delivery of integrated, customer centred services to the next level, we’re changing the way we work with each other, and our partners, stakeholders and communities across three key areas.

New operating model and ways of working

Firstly, we’re transitioning to a new operating model. One that’s based on the unique needs of customers and communities in urban and regional areas, and importantly one that will support us to work more closely together than ever before.

Instead of a Transport cluster based around individual modes of transport, we now have three customer and community focused divisions – Regional and Outer Metropolitan, Greater Sydney, and Customer Strategy and Technology.

Operating agencies Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink, Sydney Metro and State Transit are in either the Greater Sydney or Regional and Outer Metropolitan divisions and teams focused on roads, waterways, freight and transport coordination have been integrated into the new operating model so we can be truly multi-modal and holistic in how we deliver for urban and regional customers and communities.

Being smarter with taxpayers’ money 

We’re getting smarter about the way we use taxpayers’ money so that more can be spent on improving services and introducing new customer friendly technologies that will make sure transport is fit for the future. It’s also about delivering our big projects more effectively, empowering our people to find better ways of doing things and optimising our network to make services more seamless for our customers and communities.

Putting people at the heart

Lastly, but importantly, we’re working even harder to put people at the heart of our organisation so that everyone, regardless of their agency, role or reporting line, can make a difference for customers and communities. To do this, we’re doing things differently.

We’re focusing on improving your experience of working at Transport and we’re fixing the things you told us matter to you. We’re creating a culture where there are lots of opportunities to get involved and share your ideas, and where doing things differently is really celebrated. And we’re changing the way we lead so everyone feels respected, valued and motivated to contribute every day.

For the first time we have a dedicated People and Culture division, reporting directly to the Secretary of Transport to make sure we, the people of the Transport cluster, are supported and empowered to make the most of the opportunities these changes offer for our customers and for our own careers in Transport.

We’re also really trying to do this change differently. You told us through the People Matter Employee Survey that we need to improve how we lead and manage change. So we’re communicating more about what’s happening, we’ve opened up to the whole organisation for feedback on our operating model, with over 1,000 questions, ideas and suggestions received, and we’ve reshaped it in response. We plan on doing the same in the next phase as we continue to transition to our new operating model, so that your feedback can shape our way forward and help us create a better model for the Transport cluster and for the customers and communities we serve.

Stay in the know

Visit our Evolving Transport site to keep up to date with the latest news about how we’re evolving Transport to deliver even better outcomes for our customers and communities.

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