Customers travelling to and from the South Coast, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Newcastle are set to enjoy the most modern intercity fleet in Australia.

The trains are specially designed for longer journeys and will feature comfortable seats that have charging stations for mobile devices, cup holders and tray tables. They will have extra spaces for luggage, prams, bicycles and wheelchairs as well as easy to read screens and wider, fabric–covered seats with arm rests, all helping make the intercity train trip a more comfortable travelling experience for our customers.

“We want to encourage people out of cars and that’s why we want these trains to offer the next level of comfort and convenience” said Rob Mason, Chief Executive, NSW TrainLink.

For staff, the new technology on the trains will provide a safer and more comfortable journey, with access to real-time information, modern CCTV and customer help points and the ability to better monitor the trains’ performance.

“The old intercity fleet has served us incredibly well, but it’s time to create the intercity train of the future,” said Rob.

Customer feedback has been an important part of the early design process for the new trains and will continue to inform decisions as the design of the new trains is finalised.

“This investment represents much more than a new train. It’s a commitment to the NSW rail system and a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to create the NSW TrainLink of the future,” said Rob. 

The first trains are expected to begin rolling onto our tracks from 2019. 

The new intercity fleet will be built by RailConnect which is a joint venture between the Hyundai Rotem Company, Mitsubishi Electric Australia and UGL Rail.