Working flexibly is an option available to all our people across the Transport cluster. Why? Because we know having flexibility works. It helps us attract the best people and makes them want to stay with us.

Flexibility also allows each of us to continue making a contribution to the Transport cluster, even when we have commitments outside of work — whether it’s looking after children, caring for family members, studying or pursuing community work or hobbies you love.

Flexible working is any arrangement that allows you to vary the hours or locations of work on an occasional or regular basis.

But being able to work flexibly depends on a few things.

It’s got to be based on delivering great outcomes for the business and the team, as well as for yourself. That means taking into consideration the types of flexible working options provided by your agency and the impact of the changes on your role.

We also need the right environments and technology in place to support flexibility.

That’s something we’re already changing. We’ve created over 4,500 of the 10,000 activity based work points we aim to have across the Transport cluster by 2020. We’re also delivering a range of improvements to our technology as part of our focus on making IT work for you. This includes now having email and intranets available on over 17,000 corporate devices, and the roll out of Skype for Business so you can share computer screens and a digital whiteboard on a teleconference.

If you think you could make flexibility work in your job, the best place to start is to have a conversation with your manager or your team about what could work for you and what will work for the business. You can also find out more information about flexible working on the intranet. 

What is activity based working?
Activity based working offers a range of contemporary work spaces with modern technology to help you collaborate and get your work done more efficiently and flexibly.

This year, we’ve moved more than 1,500 people to activity based working offices in Parramatta, Mascot, Redfern, the CBD and Burwood. We now have over 4,500 activity based work points across Transport, providing people with great places to work and the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

Acting Director Strategic Procurement, Mark Jones, spoke to Transport Mode about the recent move to 36-46 George Street, Burwood.

“Strategic Procurement at Sydney Trains is made up of 70 people across six teams. We’re all based at George Street, Burwood in one of the new activity based working offices.

“As a team, we recognised that the move to an activity based working office would be a big change so we put some effort into preparing for it. I wanted to make sure everyone was involved in the process. We had three working groups covering technology, design and the relocation itself; they worked with the accommodation team and made decisions about our move, including the office etiquette for our new workspace.

“There were a few teething issues but due to our preparation, the move went very smoothly.

“It’s changed how we work for the better. There are fewer barriers to communication — we talk to each other more and the technology is excellent. The environment definitely creates a more positive, collaborative atmosphere and has helped create a more inclusive and understanding culture.

“My team’s engagement scores have improved in the recent Sydney Trains’ Pulse Survey and I’d attribute much of that to our new way of working.”

Roopa’s story
Roopa Raj, Manager of Return to Work Services at Transport for NSW. 

I manage a team of 15 who help employees return to work after an injury or illness. Our team is based across the state, in metro and regional locations.

When Transport made a commitment to become a more flexible place to work last year, I worked with my two team leaders and my manager on a plan to offer our team more flexibility.

We knew we had to still meet KPIs, business needs and provide quality customer service. The rest was pretty easy and the whole process was really quick to set up and get things happening.

My team can now work different hours and from different work sites. They enjoy a better work/life balance and can attend their children’s school functions or care for a sick relative. The one proviso is that we always have some staff start early and some late to make sure we’re still delivering a service that meets what Transport needs.

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