Sydney — it’s big and diverse, beautiful and exciting and by 2056 it’s expected to have a population the size of New York or London. It’s great news then that Sydney now has a whole Transport division focused on making it even better.

Growth brings with it challenges. How do we keep travel times down and make it even easier for people to get around as the city expands? How do we meet the travel needs and expectations of even more customers? And how do we keep improving the quality of life for communities across Sydney, while helping build its reputation as one of the best cities in the world? 

To meet these challenges, Sydney will transform over the coming decades into a metropolis of three cities – the Central River City at Parramatta, a Western Parkland City at Badgerys Creek, and the Eastern Harbour City around the current CBD – with an integrated transport network that will connect people to their nearest city within 30 minutes.

As we move towards that future, our Greater Sydney team will work together across transport modes, infrastructure and services to put customers and communities first.

Greater Sydney Deputy Secretary, Elizabeth Mildwater, says the focus is on providing a ‘joined-up’ transport experience.

Customers and communities across Sydney have told us loud and clear that they don’t see the difference between our modes, infrastructure or where one waterway ends and another begins. They just see one great city that they need to get around and they want seamless, end-to-end journeys to get them where they need to go.

“That’s why we need to focus on integrated planning, making our networks work better together. We also need to focus on building great places, rather than just building things through places,” Elizabeth said.

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Family enjoying a ferry ride on Sydney Harbour.
One team

The Greater Sydney division covers an area from Wollondilly in the west to Bondi in the east, and from Berowra in the north to Waterfall and Macarthur in the south.

It brings together a whole range of different teams and agencies including Services, Transport Coordination, Sydney Roads and NSW Maritime, in addition to Sydney Trains, State Transit and Sydney Metro.

Having everyone connected as part of Greater Sydney will make it easier for teams to work with each other and with other parts of the Transport cluster to deliver multi-modal, end-to-end journeys for customers and the community.

Jon Lamonte, Howard Collins, Elizabeth Mildwater and Steffen Faurby.

Metro mission

If there’s any project that shows what can be achieved for customers and communities when we work together, it’s Sydney Metro.

When Sydney Metro started operations in the north west of Sydney in May this year, it was the result of more than seven years of hard work by hundreds of people from teams right across the Transport cluster and beyond.

The Metro team partnered with Customer Strategy and Technology to look at everything from timetabling, customer information, wayfinding and ticketing, right through to train and station design. Sydney Roads built new access roads and the Services team worked with operators to set up on-demand trials and new bus services to connect with Metro services.

Working together didn’t end when operations began. The Transport Coordination team has been out on the ground at each station precinct managing everything from car park and station access to congestion hot spots and incident management, as well as working with operators to monitor bus services and pumping out real time customer information to keep our customers informed.

Thanks to this mammoth joint effort communities right across the north west now have the world class public transport they’ve wanted for so long.

Stepping up

Sydney Metro Northwest has brought with it major changes for stations like Chatswood and Epping which are now major hubs for both Sydney Trains and Metro services.

Although she knew it wasn’t going to be easy, Sydney Trains Customer Area Manager, Christina Finegan, wanted to be there as Epping Station prepared for Metro.

“Handing over two levels of Epping Station to Metro and doing all the work that went along with that was a pretty big job.

“There were a lot of contractors and Transport staff on site at different times and I was one of the few people who knew what each team was doing, I became a central point of contact.

“I did whatever I could to help those teams get the job done but I was also really focused on keeping customers and members of the local community informed and moving in a safe and clean environment.

“Now that it’s up and running I think what we’ve done is amazing and a great model for what we can do when we work together,” Christina said. 

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