In Sydney, we’re focused on completing the missing links in our motorways and roads network. As greater Sydney grows and develops into a metropolis of three cities, transport will change with it so people can travel to work and access critical services and public spaces in just 30 minutes. When we’re done, cars and freight trucks will be able to completely bypass the CBD as we know it today, avoiding dozens of traffic lights, taking trucks off local roads and reducing gridlock.

So, where are we up to?

Check out the map and project snippets below or open the PDF to see it all connected up.

Helping Western Sydney take flight

We’re already planning for the opening of the Western Sydney Airport and making sure we can meet the needs of future businesses and residents in the planned third city of Sydney, the Western Parkland City. And we’re consulting with the community on reserving Western Sydney road corridors to do just that.

Creating seamless motorways 

We are busting congestion for Western Sydney motorists by completing and then joining the new M4 and M5 in a continuous motorway with underground tunnels to create a western bypass of Sydney’s CBD. This means motorists will be able to bypass the notorious bottleneck they hit when they come off the end of the M4 and will no longer sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Parramatta Road. Once complete, overall traffic on Parramatta Road will be cut by more than 50%. You’ll be able to avoid up to 52 sets of traffic lights, creating a saving of 40 minutes on a trip from Parramatta to Sydney Airport and halving the travel time from Parramatta to the CBD to 25 minutes. This project is called WestConnex and apart from delivering a key missing link in Sydney’s motorway, it will also connect to the future Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link and the F6 Extension.

Getting trucks off local roads

Completing the missing link from Southern Sydney to the wider motorway network will get 2,000 trucks off local roads, reduce traffic and make the beachfront area around Brighton-Le-Sands safer for locals and visitors to enjoy. It’s called the F6 Extension and it’s in the planning phase. 

Improving access to Sydney Airport

We also plan to improve connections and reduce travel times to Sydney Airport with the Sydney Gateway project. Connecting up with WestConnex, the new link will slash travel times from Parramatta to Sydney Airport by up to 40 minutes and cut journeys from Campbelltown to Sydney Airport by up to 20 minutes. This means smoother and more reliable trips for the 150,000 travellers and workers who access the airport every day! The project will also bolster our freight capacity. We’ll build another 3km section of track next to the Port Botany freight rail line to allow goods to be moved more quickly and efficiently. It’s all about making trips faster, easier and safer for people and freight.

Returning streets to local communities

Around 5,000 less trucks will be on Pennant Hills Road each day and streets will be returned to local communities once we have completed a new underground tunnel that links two key motorways – the M1 at Wahroonga and the M2 at West Pennant Hills. Completing the missing link in the Sydney Orbital (the motorway that circles around greater Sydney) means you’ll be able to skip 21 sets of traffic lights on Pennant Hills Road and travel from Newcastle to Melbourne without stopping at a single traffic light. The project is called NorthConnex and this part of the motorway is due to open in 2020. Hornsby local Sonja Shand, who’s also a Senior Project Manager on NorthConnex, said she is motivated by the opportunity to work on a once-in-a-generation project that will improve the daily lives of residents. “At the moment you have a major truck route running right through residential areas – it’s scary at times and in this day and age, it’s not acceptable,” Sonja said. “That’s something our amazing team is passionate about. We all know our roles and responsibilities and we work together to get the job done for local communities, no matter what the challenges.” 

Bypassing traffic lights

You’ll be able to get from the Northern Beaches to Sydney Airport without leaving a tunnel once the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link is complete, explained Program Director Doug Parris. “Anyone who has ever sat in traffic on Military Road or done the daily commute from the North Shore to Macquarie Park knows how much this project is needed,” Doug said. “Motorists will be able to bypass 19 sets of traffic lights from The Spit to Falcon Street to take a lot of those headaches away, and the new Sydney Harbour crossing to the west of Sydney Harbour Bridge will take pressure off the existing Harbour Tunnel and the Bridge. “What excites me most about the project though is that it’s not just a motorway project for the Northern Beaches or North Shore; it will also improve public transport and traffic flow across the whole city.”


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