Over the past year, thousands of staff have taken the opportunity to shape the future of transport in NSW – whether that was taking the survey to give feedback, tuning in to a livestream to hear from our leaders or getting involved in workshops.

Now the Future Transport 2056 draft strategy — our ground breaking new vision for the future of transport in NSW — is here. It focuses on the decisions we need to make now to help us get ready for the big changes across both Greater Sydney and regional NSW over the next 40 years. And the best part? You can help us shape the final strategy by sharing your reactions, ideas 
and feedback.

Here are four things you should know about our strategy.

1. Reimagining greater Sydney
Sydney is growing rapidly with more people, more cars, more trips and more freight than ever before. By 2056, Greater Sydney will be home to 8 million people — that’s a similar size to London and New York now! So if we want to deliver a great transport experience for Sydneysiders, we need to shift the focus from a single Sydney CBD, and instead connect people to three cities — the Central River City (Parramatta), a Western Parkland City around the new airport in Badgerys Creek and an Eastern City in the current CBD. We also want people to be able to reach their nearest centre within 30 minutes, seven days a week using public transport — that means better access to work, shops, appointments and schools.

2. Connecting our regions
Regional NSW is home to 3.1 million people or 40 per cent of the state’s population. By 2056 this will grow to 3.6 million. We’re looking at a new transport model that supports regional centres to play a much bigger role in providing services like health and education for their local communities. It’s our role to provide transport that better connects regional towns to regional centres, rather than the current focus on connecting them to Sydney. This includes providing stronger links across borders for the regional cities that are closer to other states than to Sydney. We’re also looking at more convenient, flexible transport options in regional NSW so customers have greater choice in when and how they travel.

3. Technology rules
Technology is evolving so rapidly. We need to embrace the opportunities that come with new technologies to give our customers a fantastic transport experience. We can’t predict what new innovations will arrive 40 years from now, but we can prepare by being flexible and adaptable in our planning. We’re thinking big picture, from driverless cars to freight drones and smart, flexible transport options. Wheels are already in motion to test out cutting edge technologies — the state’s first automated smart shuttle trial is underway at Sydney Olympic Park.

4. Collaboration is key
The draft plans have been developed with input from leaders and subject matter experts from across Transport, along with feedback from our customers and the public. Importantly, the plans have been developed in close collaboration with the Greater Sydney Commission and Infrastructure NSW, as well as the departments of Premier and Cabinet, Planning and Environment, Industry, Health and Education to make sure we have a more integrated approach. It’s a first for NSW and will help to better integrate land use and transport planning so that new housing and jobs are delivered alongside transport and other infrastructure like schools, health facilities and public places. It’s all about looking at things holistically and getting the best outcomes for the people of NSW.

We want your feedback!
Getting feedback from the community, industry and our people across Transport on the draft strategy is vital in shaping the future of the whole transport system and the state. We want you to tell us what we have right, what we need to improve and whether there are things we need to explore further.

You live and breathe transport and know our business best, so make sure you have your say! The feedback you provide will help shape the final strategy which will be released in early 2018. Stay tuned for more opportunities for you to get involved as we finalise our plans!

Share your reactions, ideas and feedback by 3 December 2017 on the Future Transport website.


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