In the 2017 People Matter Employee Survey, you told us that we need to improve how we recruit and develop our people, and get better at collaborating across teams and between agencies and that senior managers need to be more visible.

Let’s check out some of the great progress being made by teams working together across the Transport cluster to address your feedback.

Recruiting and developing our people
With only 30% of you saying our recruitment processes are efficient, we’ve been working on making things simpler and easier for hiring managers, and for people who want to work for us.

TfNSW has partnered with Sydney Trains to improve how we recruit train drivers. By streamlining the process and reducing assessment times from 3 days to 1, the team has cut the time it takes to recruit train drivers without compromising on safety.

Roads and Maritime has partnered with TfNSW to make recruitment simpler. They’ve reduced red tape by streamlining delegations and approvals, launched a range of new tools and resources to help hiring managers navigate the process, and provided dedicated recruitment consultants to each division.

With the B-Line fast approaching, last year State Transit overhauled their recruitment practices to meet demand for more drivers. The team created a new marketing campaign and job website, and started holding regular open days at bus depots to attract new candidates. Interviews became less formal and role play was incorporated to gauge candidates’ interpersonal skills. The time to recruit bus drivers was slashed by 23 days, the rate of applicants offered roles has doubled and we have 1,500 in the recruitment pipeline, keen to get behind the wheel.

Only 45% of you said you’re satisfied with career development opportunities. Here’s a few examples of what we’ve been doing to help put you in the driver’s seat of your career.

Sydney Trains recently rolled out the ‘It’s your career. Own it.’ career guide to nearly 2,000 customer service staff. The guide was launched last year to all staff across the Transport cluster and was developed in direct response to your feedback about career development in the People Matter Employee Survey. It’s full of helpful career hints and tips and walks you through a step-by-step approach to developing your own career plan. Check it out online at

Our data showed that career promotion for women and men was roughly equal right up until leadership roles, but then very few women progressed their careers further. So, the Connecting Forum program was launched to give our future female leaders tools and resources to build their careers at Transport through a series of workshops. So far, over 130 women have been through the program, and 47% of participants from the first group have secured a promotion, transfer or secondment opportunity within the first 12 months since completing the program.

Thanks to a fresh marketing campaign, depot open days and a simpler interview process, we’ve now got over 1,500 future bus drivers in the recruitment pipeline.

Sydney Trains customer service staff taking charge of their careers with the ‘It’s your career. Own it.’ career guide 

We’re helping women progress their careers with our Connecting Forum.

Collaboration across teams and between agencies
With so many important projects to deliver for the people of NSW, collaboration is key to our success. But only 44% of you said that there was good collaboration across teams and between agencies.

In March, we released Future Transport 2056 — our bold new strategy for NSW over the next 40 years. The development of it brought new meaning to the word collaboration, with every agency across Transport making important contributions to the strategy. Not only did we get feedback from our customers, industry partners and communities right across NSW, but thousands of staff gave their input into the plans — by participating in workshops, taking surveys or tuning in to a livestream event.

The strategy was also developed collaboratively with the Greater Sydney Commission and Infrastructure NSW, as well as the departments of Premier and Cabinet, Planning and Environment, Industry, Health and Education. This whole of government approach is a first for NSW and means we can plan transport alongside new housing, schools, hospitals and shops, creating places to be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Staff from across the cluster consult with Northern Rivers council members and local businesses.

Effective and visible senior leaders
You gave us a strong message that senior managers across the Transport cluster need to improve their focus on managing change, being visible, and listening to and informing staff.  

NSW TrainLink’s In the Know sessions are just one way we’ve helped staff and leaders connect with one another.  

Led by frontline managers, the bi-annual sessions do away with tedious PowerPoints and encourage staff to use the opportunity to connect, learn and ask for feedback from their leaders. There were over 120 In The Know sessions held during May and June and the feedback from frontline staff is that it helped them feel more informed and listened to in their roles. 

By creating more open and regular conversations between leaders and staff, we know that In The Know is one initiative taking NSW TrainLink teams to the next level!

NSW TrainLink staff at an ‘In The Know’ session in Albury.

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